The "Stress-LESS Parenting" course is our signature course to give you the ESSENTIAL foundations to get more cooperation, calm blow-ups and ease family struggles. VALUE-PACKED material (delivered in 5-15min videos) , pdf's for Refrigerators, and sustainable strategies that work!

What will I learn?

46 LESSONS (including handouts, videos, and action steps)

  • New ways to parent smarter (not harder) for amazing results.

  • How to master Kindness & Firmness at the SAME time

  • How you & your partner can get on the SAME PAGE.

  • How to set (& KEEP) boundaries without feeling mean.

  • New ways of seeing (& responding to) Crying, Anger & Upsets.

Let's get you started.

Get started today, with all the support and strategies to have more joy and ease!

  • $475.00

    Pay in Full for a 30 min 1:1 BONUS laser coaching session

  • 2 x $250.00



Flora McCormick


Owner/Creator of Sustainable Parenting

Flora McCormick

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor & Parenting Coach of 12 years, and mother of 2 young children, I saw a gap, where struggling parents are left feeling alone, confused & overwhelmed (I felt that way too!). I saw a great need for a system that effectively wraps around parents - giving support, validation & education that is DOABLE & EFFECTIVE in a fast-paced life.