What you get:

This mini-course will get you QUICKLY out of the cycle where they whine, you remind or coax them to stop, and nothing gets better!

  • Understand WHY Your Child is Whining

  • The steps to STOP whining (that you likely haven't tried)

  • What to do when your child gets EMOTIONAL

  • Stop Whining For GOOD!

What parents are saying:

"The 'Stop Whining for Good' course helped me to have the right tools to address the specific issue of whining, with a targeted and effective strategy.

Since implementing the tools for this course we have steadily seen improvements - not just with whining, but overall behavior!"

- Karen

Bonus material

In addition to the quick strategies to end whining, you get...

  • Mini-Course Worksheet

    To help you get the MOST out of the mini-course, and be able to remember the strategies you learn.

  • Fridge Printable - 1

    N.I.P. the whining in the bud FREE printable

  • Fridge printable- 2

    Useful and Effective Phrases to get children out of whining.