"I have been using these strategies all week with my kids. They seem calm, validated and happier. For me, it feels more peaceful in our house already." - Mother of 4 kids

"I didn’t think it would work, but it did! He ran to get a toy and came back and lied down for his tooth brushing." - Father of a son under 3

"I'm building better communication with my twin girls, and I feel like I’m more calm." - Mother of 2 girls under 6

What You Get!

You will leave this 2 hour Parenting Masterclass with:

  • The most powerful strategy to get more JOY and less upsets.

  • A guide to parent SMARTER (not harder), for amazing long-term results.

  • A tool to get your kids to listen in 10 Seconds or less. Yep! Really.

  • More cooperation from your kids, by doing LESS - not more.

  • Temper transformation with a simple mindset shift.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day 1

    • Welcome & Workbook

    • Get MORE by doing less

    • Connection Leads to C....

    • Action Step - Day 1

    • Bonus! Connect in 6 mins or less

    • Quick Survey - Day 1

  • 2

    Day 2

    • Get Kids to Listen in 10 seconds or LESS

    • Clear & Clever

    • Action Step - Day 2

    • Bonus! How to get out the door without repeating yourself

    • Quick Survey - Day 2

  • 3

    Day 3

    • How to CALM your temper.

    • The new role, that gives you more calm.

    • Action Step - Day 3

    • Bonus! A New Attitude

    • Quick Survey - Day 3

  • 4

    Day 4

    • Parenting smarter (not harder) for AMAZING long-term results

    • Bonus! Clarity Call with Flora

    • Quick Survey - Day 4

Bonus material

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • Masterclass Workbook

    To help you get the MOST out of the mini-course, and be able to remember the strategies you learn.

  • Fridge Printable - 1

    Have a visual reminder for the key mindset shift - to stop losing your temper.

  • 30 min Consultation CALL

    FREE call with Flora McCormick, LCPC & Parenting Coach - to assess the challenges you are facing and personalize the best next steps.


Owner/Creator of Sustainable Parenting

Flora McCormick

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor & Parenting Coach of 12 years, and mother of 2 young children, I saw a gap, where struggling parents are left feeling alone, confused & overwhelmed (I felt that way too!). I saw a great need for a system that effectively wraps around parents - giving support, validation & education that is DOABLE & EFFECTIVE in a fast-paced life.